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Global organic textile standard

Works behind the scenes, bringing about meaningful change from field to the certification label on your favorite products.

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Room 8 Studio

Game art production

Room 8 Studio is a AAA art production studio from Ukraine working with 7/10 of the top global publishers, including Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Gameloft, EA, Xbox Game Studios, and many others.

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Room 8 Studio


Government auction system

Prozorro.Sale is a GovTech company that develops bespoke software solutions for the sale and lease of various state and municipal assets

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We take responsibility for the project and are ready to be accountable for each stage, take initiative and push each phase forward. We offer our vision and suggest options when we see that the client has difficulties.


We choose projects that we can be proud of in the future. We treat each endeavor as a personal affair, steering clear of generic templates or assembly-line methods. Instead, we craft bespoke solutions that magnify the unique strength of your project.


As a boutique design studio, flexibility is at the core of our ethos.We thrive on adaptability, tailoring our creative approach to suit the unique needs and visions of each client. By embracing this philosophy, we aim to go above and beyond, doing our best in delivering a meaningful impact.

High ethics

Ethics is of great importance, so for us customer relations are more important than earnings. We don't sell just to make money. That's why we don't work with products that we wouldn't recommend to our children and respect work-life balance.


Our client immediately grasped the brilliance of the design and green-lighted the implementation. did a great job of understanding the problem at hand and delivering solutions within the domain. Much to our client's satisfaction.

Lars Arendt, CEO at Appstarter ApS
UI/UX design for the mobile app
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Our e-commerce website, combined with our product, has helped us generate 7+ figures since launching. The strong UX and frictionless shopping experience allow our customers to find what they want when they want it. Working with them was energizing and gave me momentum vs working with some other agencies that just felt like a drag.

Jason Wieland, CEO at ILNP Cosmetics, Inc.
• E-commerce UX design
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The rare combination of TRUE expertise both in UX and UI is impressive. You get the right design decision. Those ones you don't notice because they not only look perfect but also they are elaborated to the smallest details in terms of how you interact with this particular thing.

Maikl Babenko, Brand Manager at Room 8 Studio
• Corporate website redesign
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