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• App Design

Visit Website is a multi-platform project to play chess online and offline

Visit Website


We received a request to design a very complex website and a mobile app for within just two months. The project was supposed to be based on the open-source platform Lichess in terms of backend development yet stand out from the design perspective. We needed to create individual branding and visuals, design and improve the game itself and its launch mechanics, the player profile, and other crucial elements.

In addition to a mobile-friendly website, we were also tasked with creating a mobile app with a limited number of functions.

Visit website

How we worked

First, we defined the structure of the homepage and its unique technical features. We went for the classic blue and gold aesthetics, added linear illustrations, reworked the game launch mechanics as well as upgraded the game interface.

We assumed that a complicated platform with way too many settings would scare away the newbies and initially launched with two modes: the basic one and the PRO mode with expanded functionality. After six months, we looked at the data and realized that most users are comfortable with the PRO mode. As a result, the basic mode was deprecated.



The first version was released in May 2021. At the moment, we keep introducing more complex features, redesigning the tournaments section, adding clubs, and implementing user engagement features.

So far, there are about 100 users online at a time, but is planning a bunch of activities to draw in more players. The team behind the product dreams big and aims to compete with

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